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They are basically car starters that engage with a bendix drive into the flywheel. A 550k uses that godforsaken case mounted starter adapter with a failure prone Rube Goldberg mechanism to engage it. The thing needs overhauls and if it breaks, not only does it cost a small fortune to overhaul, it may even trash your engine. If you ASI on the PA30 goes TU, you swap in an overhauled unit from an number of parts houses. If you get a blue screen on an Avidyne unit or one of many LRUs on a Garmin gives up the ghost, you are paying ‘decent used car’ level money to get them replaced. Yes, you have two more cylinders to feed, but those are straight valve Lycoming cylinders that rarely ever die all by themselves. Conti jugs, particularly on a tightly cowled plane like the Cirrus seem to delight in burning up valves or cracking at random intervals.

My comparison has been between a PA30 and a A36TC and even without the difference in Avionics expenses, I can easily see how someone can maintain the comanche on a lower budget than a SR22. All points on the Conti jugs, accessories and starter boondoggle vs the Lyco equivalents are indeed noted, I have written the same thing myself many times before. I was thinking more along the lines the Cirrus airframe would be much cheaper to mx. The avionics I didn’t think about. And you’re correct, in the Cirrus you don’t have the choice to insulate yourself from consumer grade overpriced shenanigans. Otoh a poorly maintained Twin comanche can eat your lunch just the same. Fuel bladders, gear transmission, push-pull conduits etc.

That was precisely my point to the other poster when I mentioned the airframe. My hangar number has a Twin Comanche that I’ve flown with him a few times. Those twins are 50 years old. And our Stinson was born in 1946.

A poorly maintained anything will eat your lunchor potentially even more than that. The earliest SR22s are a decade and a half old. I’m sure there will be “bargains” starting to come on the market as they continue to age. This was a very interesting discussion! I fly a Mooney in the Chicago area. North West, ATC keeps me down to 3000-4000ft for about 30min over the city and densely populated suburbs. I have 70hr on a Cirrus G2.

But I fear engine failure when I fly over the city and the cold lake. The parachute would not help, a second engine, yes! Can I kill myself on a twin? Absolutely, but it would be my fault. The following discussion makes one re-think single engine night flight. A ‘chute probably would have saved him, a second engine almost certainly would have.

Interesting Cirrus prices appear to be going up. All airplane prices are going up. It has been for about six months now but the last six weeks has been noticeable. Airplanes are also selling for much closer to asking price than I’ve ever seen them.