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Komuniti bijak forex market

Contest project of a new type: real prizes in exciting competitions on demo accounts. Take profit with optimal risk – copy transactions from trading accounts. Access to the financial center of the world – US komuniti bijak forex market market with stock. Working with the Trading Platform, made-up indicators and Forex Expert Advisors setting up.

Trading Platform new version : setting up, indicators, Forex Expert Advisors, first base. Trading Platform without dealers, re-quotes and delays in execution of orders. Forex: analytics, assumptions, news, trading signals, economic life as viewed by traders. For beginner in trading who needs help. Advantages of micro accounts for Beginners. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and others.

Norms which should be known for protecting traders right. Actualize yourself, get self discipline and become a successful trader. Trading strategies and methods of analysis discussion. Trading world experience and own expertise. Trade only buy positions and get the prize!

The contest is held from June 4th till June 29th. All about EPS: description, visual instructions, views sharing and discussion. Traders talk about their professional, market and prophetic dreams. Trader always has something to say, whether a beginner or a professional.

Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci, atau yang juga dikenal dengan nama Fibonacci, adalah seorang matematikawan Italia yang lahir di Pisa pada abad ke-12. Dia diketahui telah menemukan angka Fibonacci, berdasarkan pengamatan dari Piramida Agung Gizeh di Mesir. Bilangan Fibonacci adalah urutan angka di mana setiap angka berurutan yang dihasilkan tersebut adalah jumlah dari dua angka sebelumnya. Trading Forex adalah aplikasi angka Fibonacci dalam anaysis teknis dari pasar. Forex trading fibonacci adalah dasar dari banyak sistem trading forex yang berjaya yang digunakan oleh sejumlah besar trader forex profesional di seluruh dunia.