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Get the Flash Player to see this player. You may need to accept or decline them. Do you know mendengar musik sambil belajar forex to do them very well?

First, prepare the spices, eggs, and cooked rice. Then, cut some onions into very thin pieces. After that, add the egg and scramble them together. Finally, fry them together with the  Cooked rice until they are well mixed. The words in bold are used to show actions.

Arnys         :   Would you have a glass of Es Palubutung? Adib       :   Shall we have lunch at Padang Resto? Anita      :   Won’t you have more Satay? Andi       : Would you like to have dinner with me        tonight? Ayu        : Will you have something to drink?

Marcell : Would you like to join me for a coffee? Compare your work with a classmate’s. You are invited to join us for Ruben’s 16th birthday party! Saturday, 2 August 2008 7 p. Ruben’s house, Ahmad Yani street No.

27 Food, drink, games, and entertainment will be provided. Be there to celebrate this momentous occasion! Priyana would like you to come to dinner to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Date: Monday, 4 August 2008 Time: 8 p. Place : Nusa Wungu Restaurant, Pierre Tendean street No. 5 We are looking forward to meeting you. Please come and join in on all the fun.

Smith and the family RSVP to Mr. Ruben is turning 16 on 2 August 2008. Ruben’s birthday is on 16 August 2008. Ruben is invited to join a birthday party.

Mrs Smith are celebrating their 25th wedding     anniversary. Mr Smith is having dinner at Nusa Wungu Restaurant with his family. Mr Smith is holding a barbeque party. Mr Smith is celebrating his birthday on 2 August 2008. Mr Smith is having a barbeque party on 3 August 2008. Mr Smith is invited to a barbeque party 4 August 2008. Mrs Priyana are celebrating their wedding anniversary at the restaurant.

Mrs Priyana are holding a barbeque party at Nusa Wungu   Restaurant. Mrs Priyana are holding a wedding anniversary party at Diponegoro street No. Complete the following dialogue with the expressions. Would you like to try it? Andi           :   Den, do you know klepon? Denias        :   No, I don’t. Andi           :   It’s a kind of dessert made of fours with brown sugar inside.

It is sprinkled with shred coconut. The shape of klepon is like a ball. My mother made klepon this afternoon. Andi           :   Well, I’ll get some for you. Andi           :   Here you are.