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Ttm trend indicator for tradestation forex

Thanks so much for the indicator? What do you use to trigger an exit? I think on Carter’s TTM Squueze one of the momentum bars changes color . Are they the real indicators ttm trend indicator for tradestation forex on John F Carter’s book and studies?

I will try to plugin the code today and see how it goes. Thanks for the indicator, I have heard many things about this indicator and John Carter. Will check Despite of my general dislike of indicators, Bollinger seems to be quite a leading indicator and the clues it provides about the future of the market are astounding. They work great on Meta 4. Where can I get the “squeeze play” guide? Well, here is an indicator that works almost like TTM scalper.

The explanation for the “almost” : I did not “iron out” the occasional differences that happen between “my” version and TTM version. There are multiple reasons for that. Some explanation in order to avoid confusion and disappointments :indicator is looking for swing points, which means it will mark them “after the fact” – 2 bars after the fact to be precise. PS: kept the name, but I would like to point out once again that this is not a converted TTM scalper indicator. If it is set to true, it will show a ‘candidates” that can become a marked swing point, If it is set to false, it works as the previous one. Thank you again for this incredible indicator. It looks great with the Multi-Dimensional Fractals indicator.

The main logic would be simple. SELL the bar after the “Blue swing mark” has formed . BUY the bar after the “RED swing mark” has formed . Custom function : the shift index for the arrays.

High and Low swing, may vary. Many thanks to all the contributors here. Mladen keep up the excellent job with this indi. Thank you again for a fine indicator which I have tested from the day you posted it the first time in the Elite section. Having said that, I noticed this morning that the indicator marked a candle 7 candles back. Can you possibly think of any reason why? Looking forward to hearing from you.